A visual and performing artist from Santa Cruz, California, my watery imperfect line drawings keep me calm and grounded while my theatrical adventures keep me energized and ridiculous. As a visual artist I currently work primarily in ink line drawings and watercolor pencil, and as a performer I work primarily in clown and faerie, although I am always eager to keep learning new arts (ever the dabbler!). Disability finds its way into all of my work, somehow or another. I'm currently learning Digital Media Studies at Cabrillo College, taking care of children/teaching art classes to keep my creative projects afloat, and increasingly beginning to find work in freelance illustration, all of which I feel very lucky to do.  My main project as an illustrator so far has been The Coping Calendar,  which is in its third cycle this year. I'm also in process with my first picture book, among other projects! Thank you for visiting!