Updated commissions as of August 2017

Updated commissions as of August 2017

“These prices are out of my range - do you ever work for free?” 

Sometimes! Depending on how much I have going on and whether I’m on track to afford rent I may be able to offer you a discount or a donated piece. If there’s a particular piece of mine you really like, let me know and I may be able to make you a print for a much more lower price (usually <$10). 

“Do you do logos // graphic design?” 

I am not yet skilled in vector art, but can edit and add text to hand-drawn images in photoshop and illustrator when necessary. My answer to this question is pretty project-specific: let me know what you have in mind and where you’ll need to use the finished image and I can tell you if I can do the job.  

“What materials do you use?” 

Originals are painted on watercolor paper and drawn with Derwent watercolor pencils and micron pens. These days I am also fond of doing backgrounds with Windsor Newton watercolor and/or using Liquitex iridescent ink. I've also recently begun to work with markers! (My friend gifted me some Copic markers for Christmas and I am in love) Prints are done on 80lb coated paper. Pieces are sent to you in protective plastic sleeves. Digital files are sent in your requested file format. 


Commissions & Collaborations

I am always super flattered and honored to get questions about commissions and collaborations. As of Winter 2017 I've slowly started to open specific types of commissions, and I can't wait to draw for you! 

Personal Commissions

  • Illustrations

For personal illustrations, I currently work at a sliding scale hourly rate of $35 - $45/hr. After we discuss your project I can give you an estimate about how many hours it will take. I will notify you halfway through my estimate about my progress on your piece to ensure that our timeline is still on track.

  • Unique Tattoo Designs

Original tattoo designs are a request I often get, so I’m finally trying it out! After hearing about the imagery and symbolism you’d like in your tattoo, I will create you an original black-and-white design (up to 4x4”) with up to three revisions for $120. From there, I’d be glad to do additional revisions, color, or larger sizes at my hourly rate for personal commissions.