Both an exercise in humility and an ongoing reminder of interdependence, I am so grateful to receive support and am learning to be better about asking for it. It always supports me when you purchase my art, but there are other lovely things that are supportive as well! <3


Some of my tools were given to me by people no longer using them, which is a win for everyone! Here are some items that would help me deepen my practice. If you have something you’re not using and would be glad to let it go, please get in touch and I can come take it off your hands (and trade you for some art!).

  • kneeling chair

  • pantone color book

  • pegboard

  • flat file


I’ve been the lucky recipient of generosity when it comes to time — numerous kind and skilled people have taught me a lot of what I know now, and I simply cannot express how much this means to me. My learning style is such that certain things are really hard for me to wrap my head around by myself, and the social aspect of learning from an actual person in real time is huge for me. Here’s what I’m trying to learn right now! Maybe there’s something I can teach you in return?

  • the pen tool and live trace tool in adobe illustrator

  • creating budgets (on a spreadsheet with formulas, maybe theres some easy template I don’t know about!)