image shows the back of a white envelope, with handwritten text in kid letters that says LOVE


An exercise in humility and an ongoing reminder of interdependence, I am deeply grateful to receive support, and am learning to get better at asking for and offering it. Of course it always supports me when you purchase my work, but there’s lots of other lovely supportive actions too!


Some of my tools were given to me by people no longer using them. That is such a win! Below are some items that would deepen my practice and support my work (and health). If you have one of these things you’d like me to take off your hands, let me know and I can arrange a time to pick it up (and trade you for some art if you like!) I am based in Santa Cruz, California.

  • pantone color book

  • pegboard

  • flat file


I’ve been the grateful recipient of individuals generous with their time and willing to teach me, for which I feel so lucky. Certain skills are really difficult for me to learn on my own even with a tutorial, somehow a person-to-person connection in real time really supports my learning. Do you want to teach me one of these skills? Is there something I can teach you or help you with in return?

  • The Pen Tool and Live Trace Tool in Adobe Illustrator

  • Budgeting Spreadsheet (is there an easy template you use?)

  • Ideas about organizing my website / CV to showcase the different types of work I do in a more streamlined way…?