updated 1/10/19


Last Spring I said loving goodbyes to three out of six (SIX!) of my part-time jobs in order to make more room for summer performance work and my autumn calendar season. It was a scary and exciting decision that I don’t regret — it allowed me to take a mind-blowing gig this summer and focus on and grow into my calendar cycle in a huge way, which have both been extraordinary gifts! 

Now that my calendar season is over, I’m at a moment of crossroads, wherein I can try to fill up my bucket again with more part time jobs, or I can choose the slightly riskier path of investing in my current creative work with the dream of growing it into something that can sustain me outside of the calendar season. 

At the moment I’m in the creative development process for three distinct professional/ artistic projects and am hoping that at least two of them pan out in the next couple of months. Read on! Or even check out how you can support!

up close and cut off, it shows about half of Cricket’s face in a big, enthusiastic smile. The side of her face is shaded subtle green and she has white freckles, and you can see a few flowers in her hair. She has a cream-colored acorn necklace and iridescent pinky-green wings


I recently retired my wings with the children’s entertainment company I’ve been working at for the last three years in order to refine my strategies for bringing my character, Faerie Cricket, into the human world in ways that support and adapt to my body. (Sharing a body with an otherworldly being can be a complicated endeavor!). By the end of the month, Cricket will be taking over her own instagram at @faeriecricket and she will be bookable for events by early Spring. I can’t wait for you all to meet her! <3



I’m not taking new clients at the moment, but I love that part of what I do for work gets to be caring for these inquisitive, kind, hilarious kiddos and helping them figure out how to do the life thing. Well, we’re helping each other figure it out!

my hand holding The Coping Calendar 2019 against a white wall.


The Coping Calendar 2019 is still for sale as well as a variety of other creations. Your support at this time means the world to me and helps me maintain some stability during a time of change and uncertainty! Thank you so much!

I’ll also be opening commissions back up pretty soon. :)


Image shows a mixed media illustration I created inspired by the character I played this summer in “Queen Seraphina and the Land of Vertebraat,” based on a story by Adam Pottle and developed by Sum Theatre in Saskatoon. The Queen sits regally in her wheelchair, shown in profile, and her body angles to face forward. Her hands rest gently on one wheel. The wheelchair is blue and gold with pink highlights, and has a gold spoke-cover decorated with symbols that indicate Disability pride and community solidarity. These symbols include two signing hands, a six-dot braille cell, a spoon, a raised fist, a head and brain, the Atlantis Community Center Denver logo, a symbol I created for the fictional Kingdom of Vertebraat - where all are welcome — and a rose. In this representation, the queen has light skin, flowing blue hair, and brown eyes. She wears a crown and peach-colored roses in her hair, a green dress, and brown boots. In the background of the image, a tangle of thorny rose vines sprawls across the bottom half of the page, and on the top half a pink-golden sunset bursts with a peachy-rose pattern behind the queen

Dream Princess Coloring Book

I’m working on a Princess Coloring Book, also a series of them as finished pieces. I’m researching the possibilities of submitting it to publishers, and would love to show them at a First Friday event in town this March or April.

image shows Ginger, my neighbor's grey cat with orange undertones, curled up adorably on a light teal and white wool blanket


Mainly my first picture book, and needing to carve out some specific time to work on it which will probably mean applying for some grants.

image shows a snail I made resting on my hand. It's made out of glow-in-the-dark sculpt and a real shell, addressed to Cricket Fiddlestix, Somewhere in the human world,

Building Cricket’s World

Creating costume and prop-pieces for this character is waking up so much in me! It’s especially fun because Cricket is also a Ground Faerie, so bringing her world to life is generating a lot of ideas and helping me get unstuck on illustrations for my book.


Between the first two categories I’m not able to make a whole lot of time for other stuff — mostly just trying to keep up with my household chores, friends and family, my health, the troubling news cycle, and keeping my houseplants alive. Also doing a lot of healing, thinking, rearranging externally and internally, and trying to make sure I get enough sunlight.


Now page inspired by Molly McLeod who was inspired by Derek Sivers.