updated 11/1/18


The Coping Calendar

Most of my time this season is spent on back-end work for The Coping Calendar 2019. This involves order fulfillment, shipping and handling, and tabling at fairs. Come say hello!

+ Sunday, December 9th: Midtown Craft Crawl at Amoreuse in Santa Cruz

+ Saturday, December 15th: Queer Holiday Faire at Qulture Collective in Oakland

+ Sunday, January 6th: Downtown Santa Cruz Makers Market



I’m not taking new clients at the moment, but I love that part of what I do for work gets to be caring for these inquisitive, kind, hilarious kiddos and helping them figure out how to do the life thing. Well, we’re helping each other figure it out!


Booking for Summer

Each Summer I seek an intensive contract for a period of 2 - 12 weeks. Last summer I had the pleasure of working for Sum Theatre’s Theatre in the Park season, and before that I had the privilege of dancing in an ensemble piece for AXIS Dance Company.

Though I spend more of the year in illustration, performance is also a key part of my practice. Having trained in clown and worked as a professional faerie, I especially love creating work for children and families that is imaginative, heartfelt, and inclusive. If you are hiring and would like to see my resume, please feel free to get in touch!


Picture Books

If you’ve been following my work since last year, you might remember The Ground Faerie, one of several picture books that have been cocooning in me for some time. While I haven’t been able to explore these worlds as fully as I would like to yet - the material demands of making ends meet makes it hard to make room for the slow, open, creative time that projects like these require - I also haven’t forgotten. I’m doing some soul-searching this season and thinking about what projects to direct my attention toward next.



I’m gonna keep this part a surprise while we figure it out… but it’s a lot of fun!



I’m building myself these faerie wings, among other things. It feels good to work in a three dimensional medium (and I love paper mâché!) Reminds me of the giant mushroom hat I made a few years ago…


Between the first two categories I’m not able to make a whole lot of time for other stuff — mostly just trying to keep up with my household chores, friends and family, my health, the troubling news cycle, and keeping my houseplants alive. Also doing a lot of healing, thinking, rearranging externally and internally, and trying to make sure I get enough sunlight.


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