*Be Gentle, Be Fierce* - 8x10 Color Print


*Be Gentle, Be Fierce* - 8x10 Color Print

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A re-print of an old favorite from *The Coping Calendar 2016,* here to remind you to honor both your gentleness and your fierceness and the spaces they overlap.  


  • 8x10" color print
  • on 80 lb semigloss paper
  • packaged in protective sleeve 

Sliding Scale

To keep my work more accessible, I am offering it at a sliding-scale price. In the case of this print, that means that by selecting a higher price you are helping to offset my time and production costs so that I can keep making things, and you are also helping me meet my living costs as a disabled artist (magic! thank you!). Please select the price that is most comfortable for you. 


Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping (shoot me an email if you need them sooner!). 

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