Be Wild Be Sweet - Small Vinyl Sticker


Be Wild Be Sweet - Small Vinyl Sticker


Part of a trio of spring-time stickers adapted from The Coping Calendar 2018 images, Be Wild, Be Sweet takes its inspiration from the wild sweetpeas growing in my old neighborhood. Honey Just Be serves as a great reminder to slow down and be where you are, and Small Pleasures gets us to stop and smell the roses.. These clear vinyl stickers are exquisite on glass — upgrade a plain jar, a window, or whatever else you can think of with one of these treats (or heck, all three!).


  • roughly 3x3”

  • clear vinyl die-cut sticker

  • waterproof and weatherproof

  • packaged in a paper envelope


Please allow 1 week for shipping.


[in front of a white circle, handwritten text reading “be wild be sweet” next to a vine of wild sweet peas and a small moth.]

[against a light yellow circle, handwritten text reading “honey just be” above a bee and two sprigs of lavender.]

[against a light blue circle, handwritten text reading “small pleasures” in front of a tiny vase with huge flowers.]

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