*Disabadass* - 4x6" Vinyl Sticker Sheet!


*Disabadass* - 4x6" Vinyl Sticker Sheet!

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Grab a sheet or two of these to celebrate yourself and/or all the Disabled babes in your life! Adorn your chair, cane, walker, what-have-you with these little somethings to remind yourself and any passers-by of your own unequivocal badassery. These sticker sheets are high-quality vinyl (water and weatherproof - very durable!) and contain 8 small stickers in total.  If you're disabled and broke and you would like a sheet shoot me an email and I'll send you one if I have one! 

$1 from each purchase of these is donated to National ADAPT - a grassroots organization fighting for Disability rights. 


  • 4x6" vinyl sticker sheet
  • 8 small stickers in total



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[Disability Pride stickers against a pale blue backdrop. They are designed after sailor tattoos but have a distinctly feminine, cartoony flair. They each have purple roses and little light yellow stars and circles floating around them. The color scheme is light pinks and purples and dark greys, black, and white. // The first main sticker is a heart with a black banner slung across it that says "Disababe" in handwritten white text. A bone pokes through the heart instead of a cupid's arrow and three purple roses burst out from behind. // The second main sticker features a wheelchair wheel with a banner that reads "I see u starin." In the middle of the banner/wheel is a literal eye. Two purple roses burst out from behind. // The third main sticker is a cartoon golden tiara with a light pink gem in the middle, with a banner that reads "Piss on Pity." Two purple roses burst out from behind. // The remaining 5 stickers are small purple roses and rosebuds.]

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