*Crystal Bones* - 5x7" Color Print

Winter Bones Edit preview.jpg
Winter Bones Edit preview.jpg

*Crystal Bones* - 5x7" Color Print


A drawing I did back in 2016 that’s feeling alive for me as we move deeper into Fall. This fall is a time when my body feels more disabled than usual - aching and creaking and bursting with feeling. My skeleton is full of questions and lessons for me always and especially in this season; it can be a difficult but rewarding place to build a home. While drawing this I remember thinking “this skeleton is mine so I may as well decorate it.”


  • 5x7" color print

  • semi-gloss photo paper

  • shipped in a protective sleeve against a thin cardboard backing


Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.


[a light yellow backdrop with a light blue shadow behind a stylized illustration of a human skeleton, facing forward but looking slightly down and to the left. The skeleton has red ribbony material shooting through its eyehole, small red mushrooms growing upon its shoulders and head. Also growing out of its head are pink peonies and purple-blue tall crystals. On top of one of the crystals is a tiny yellow bird.]

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