*Resilient As Fuck* - Large Round Sticker


*Resilient As Fuck* - Large Round Sticker

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'Resilient As Fuck' large round single sticker

Here by popular request, this sticker is the perfect reminder for your badass self or bud, especially when you're feeling a little wilted. Stick it on your wheelchair, binder, fridge or spaceship! Enjoy! 🌵


  • durable, high-quality vinyl
  • 3" round
  • hand-painted watercolor background

Sliding Scale

To keep my work more accessible, I am offering it at a sliding-scale price. In the case of these stickers, that means that by selecting a higher price you are helping to offset my time and production costs so that I can keep making things! But I really want people to have these so select the option that's most comfortable for you!


Please allow 3 weeks for shipping (shoot me an email if you need them sooner!). 

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