Sticker Pack!

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Sticker Pack!


Experimenting with this concept and packaging! This little sticker pack includes 5 stickers (typically $3-4 each) from my gentle fantasy series. Enjoy!

These water-proof, weather-proof vinyl stickers are durable enough for your car, your dishwasher, and beyond!


  • 5 vinyl stickers of various sizes

  • packaged in a plastic sleeve on a painted cardboard backing


Please allow 1 week for shipping.


[ A fluffy, goat-like creature. It is light brown with tiny green wings and horns, and light-green spots on its hind. It curled into a little fluffy ball and is closing its eyes and has a light pink speech bubble that says "Stay Soft."]

[A vinyl die-cut of an illustrated cat - black with gold speckles on her side. She stands prancily with one paw slightly raised, looking over her shoulder at her curled tail holding a star. She has a light pink speech bubble that reads "shine on" in handwritten text.]

[a small-statured faerie dressed in greens and browns sits in her wheelchair, which is made of a moon, a twig, and some tiny planets. Her hands rest on the moon and her eyes look downward, peacefully. She has long wavy brown hair and light-brown skin and sage green moth wings. She has a light pink speech bubble that reads “Roll with it” in handwritten text.]

[A turtle with a whimsical garden growing out of her back. There are three sprigs of lavender, three amanita mushrooms (red with white spots) and several bluish succulents. She shares a light pink speech bubble that reads "Let It Grow."]

[A mermaid (modeled after my friend & fellow artist Whitney Romberg!) with short black-and-purple hair and a greenish tail. She has an arm tattoo, starfish on her back, and is holding a small turtle in her lap, which she looks down at. The turtle has a light pink speech bubble that reads "Here We Are."]

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