*Wheels* ~ A Zine / Coloring Book (print-at-home)

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wheels cover.jpg

*Wheels* ~ A Zine / Coloring Book (print-at-home)


A zine geared towards children, caregivers, parent, and teachers on talking about Disability. I created this zine for my own personal use, as an ambulatory wheelchair-user who works with children, to support me in answering the many questions that kiddos have for me, and I figured after all that work I may as well share it with others! I hope it can be useful for you. I made this back in 2016 before I had learned much about print layout, so it’s on my to-do list to make a new and improved version!

This project features:

+ 20 pages (cover to cover) of color-in-able line-drawings
+ Handwritten kid-friendly text addressing Disability / Difference / Wheelchairs (+ assistive devices or "tools") / Access / Pride
+ Printable foldable booklet-format
+ Fire-breathing unicorn

Although I eventually plan to print and distribute these babies myself, for this go-around I'm going to offer digital print-at-home copies of this creation. Woohoo, you can print as many as you like and you don't have to wait for it to find its way to your mailbox! (although snail mail *is* super fun...)

As much as I want to offer this for free, considering the hours and months I've put into researching, writing, drawing and re-drawing this thing and considering the fact that I am eventually trying to do this work in a sustainable way I think I will need to put a small price on it. Attaching a small price to this piece also challenges the current mainstream assumption that Disabled People are always readily available to do intense free labor and advocacy to educate and make people comfortable about Disability. It makes visible the fact that many of us engage in this labor every day for free because that's what the world requires of us! That being said, if the price is a problem I will be very happy to email you the file no-judgement and no-questions-asked. My main goal is to make this resource available to anyone who wants it! Just let pm or email me! <3

[The front cover of the zine with handwritten text that reads "Woah... uh... what's up with your WHEELS?" "haley & Stella" "a mini-zine and coloring book on disability for kids" and shows a doodle of cartoon-me sitting next to an anthropomorphized cartoon version of Stella, my manual wheelchair.]

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